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Lighting Elements

Mood Light

Let your personality shine through. Setting the mood for every Moment ! 
Automotive Interiors understands that interior lighting is a fundamental part in the makeup of a vehicle's personality. Customizable lighting themes allow a driver to change the personality of their vehicle whenever they desire. Our lighting solutions with body trims go beyond the simple ambient lighting that has become standard in most models and allows a vehicle to have a personality during the day & creating a completely unique theme at night integrated with unique touch based switches to uniquely distinguish it. 


When Rolls Royce introduced the option to add Roof star Illumination to the headliner of their vehicles, it raised the bar in automotive luxury and personalization. Many celebrities, athletes, along lucky Rolls Royce owners continued to flaunt their celestial Illumination option in self imposed photo ops. This left many car enthusiasts storless and celestial-less........


With our Next-Gen Headliners give your car interiors the touch of Innovation where you do not restrict yourself with traditional star effect, but use standard stylish & innovative designs to make your roof reflect your personality

Courtesy Light

A courtesy light is an exterior light in a vehicle that goes on when you approach the vehicle, or the door is opened. It serves twofold purpose of enhancing the pride of owning the Brand and increasing the visibility on ground to access the vehicle door. We can customize the courtesy lamps based on the vehicle models and add innovative features as per requirement

Light Bar

If you love to be outdoors, lighting a dark valley or roads is a very essential. We offer an amazing range which caters to your specific requirements & taste.

Day-Time Running Lights

Daytime running lights are intended to make it easier for other road users to spot a car: they are not intended for bright enough) to illuminate the road. Our DRLS are made to the highest quality and safety standards and are fully homologated. Aspireli's Designs make the DRL integrated to the car and outstanding..

Cargo Lights

If you are off-road enthusiast or a regular pickup user. You need custom built lights to access cargo area at night without hassle. A click of button can give you enough light to cover entire trunk.